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Delivery Information

All orders are delivered to any place in Saudi Arabia within three to five business days, and to Gulf States or Arab countries within five to fifteen days. Shipping costs are calculated according to the size and weight of the parts required


For compounds that require special entry permits: It’s the customer’s responsibility to obtain the necessary permits to enter these complexes for the driver and for the truck otherwise we will not be able to complete the delivery process.
In the cases where the customer lives in a multi-storey residential building, the presence of an elevator to deliver the order to the upper floors that exceed the ground floor is a must, to the contrary, or if the elevator is broken, we will apologize for the completion of the delivery process. Hence, it’s the responsibility of the customer to lift the order contents to the upper floors


If you wish to deliver and deliver to a maintenance center or workshop, we wish to clarify the recipient's information, including the name of the center or workshop, the name of the person authorized by the center or workshop staff, and his mobile number, and will be responsible for receipt of the goods. Providing this information, We will apologize for completing the delivery process so it is the responsibility of the customer to receive the contents of the order from our site.